Content Mill Writing – $700 To Hit The Wall

by Ron O. on November 18, 2015

Hitting the wall, content mill writingI’ll start by saying I’m not at all critical of the content mill writing I’ve been doing. I think I got into it knowing mostly how it worked, and was fully aware of how much, or how little, it paid. I did start off thinking it was a good way to get some experience, and it was exciting to see stuff I wrote published. I even managed to learn a few things about subjects I could care less about. Plumbing valves? Yes, I wrote about plumbing supplies, for a very nice company who needed blog posts about their products.

But at some point very recently, I have come to understand the meaning of the grind. “Thank God for my day job” is a phrase I’m not sure I ever would have expected to say or think, but I can’t imagine what a full-time content mill writer’s life is like. When I go to one of my sources for writing work, I’m either faced with a bunch of available articles on stuff I, a) Don’t want to write about, or b) Don’t know anything about and therefore can’t write an acceptable article. If I choose a job from the “don’t want to” pile, it’s usually an SEO post for a car or a blog post about killing bugs. Seriously.

What happens next is a scramble to re-write my own posts for different customers. That never feels good, but I got so used to selling a certain number of articles a week that I can’t help myself. And that’s why, after earning about $700 from four different services, I’ve slammed head-first into the creative wall.

I am not ashamed. My goal when I started freelancing part-time was to earn some extra money for a kick-ass Christmas. $700 is a good start, and I have no intention of stopping. I will break down the wall, or climb over it, and write the best-ever article about email marketing or squashing cockroaches.

Whatever it takes.

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