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by Ron O. on October 23, 2015

I finally re-opened my old blog about local politics in Brookfield, CT. For those who don’t know the story, I was publicly shamed and battered to the point where I needed to stop writing it, which was good thing for me personally. For a while I kind of felt like an actor who had been playing the same part for too long. It got to be too easy for me to slip into the Glenn Brown persona and be a dick.

Now, the people I was being dickish to deserved it, but it still weighs heavy on my heart.

What’s nice though, is that my One More For the Road post got a very good reaction, and it was nice to see that people were happy it’s back. I just wanted to check in here and say thanks for that. I don’t do anything on Facebook any more, so I feel funny popping in there to say thanks.

I don’t want to accidentally start a conversation.

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