Writing Adventures

by Ron O. on October 2, 2015

No, this is not going to be a post about writing adventure stories. Sorry if the title was confusing, and you were expecting to learn all kinds of things about how to write your own version of the Treasure Island or The Goonies. This post is about some things I’ve been up to, and what I learned from them.

Writing Adventures happen here

Adventures happen here

I am a writer, which is to say, I write stuff. I’m not a pro writer. I have a job where I’m responsible for a lot of things, including some writing work, and I take that job very seriously. But in my heart, I’ll always consider myself a writer, and for the sake of this blog, that’s what you should call me too.

For the past month or so, I have earnestly attempted to make extra money by writing. There were some other things I looked into, and I’ll mention them later, but mostly, I wanted to write. So I put myself out there in the world.

I was hesitant at first, mostly because I had registered at Fiverr a few months ago, and got exactly one request that turned out to be spam. But eventually, I came across this blog, and I really got inspired. I registered at a bunch of writing sites, and actually wrote real articles for real websites for real money. Not much money, but legal tender all the same.

I have had success at two sites in particular: Textbroker and Blogmutt. I prefer Blogmutt, and it’s kind of funny that I only found them because Textbroker had to put a hold on my account to review my submissions. But both sites are easy to use, easy to get started with, and have lots and lots of jobs to grab. I’m still feeling my way around and trying to find a niche for my writing, but here are some of the things I’ve written for Textbroker:

  • Webpage descriptions (2)
  • Article for Smartphone Accessory Blog
  • Product Description for Diamond Estate Necklaces
  • Product Description for the UroClub
Writing Adventures


For those five assignments, I earned a total of $12.52, writing roughly a penny a word. That’s why I don’t care so much for Textbroker.

For Blogmutt, I’ve written 10 blog posts for companies ranging from microbreweries to dentists, to craft stores, and a lot more. If all of my posts are accepted, are 250-word piece is worth $8, for a potential $80 payout. That’s not bad for writing about random topics requiring minimal research and a coherent narrative. That’s what I mean by needing to find a niche. There are a lot of topics I don’t find interesting on Blogmutt, but they have a lot of jobs. A lot.

What does this mean for me? Well, I think it gives me hope that I can someday make a living like this. There’s no way I can do it as a freelancer yet, but I’ve got hope. Seriously, I earned $92 writing in spare time, basically working on my craft, and trying to improve myself, all while doing something I like to do.

Okay, maybe adventure wasn’t the right word.

Other Things

I also applied to, and was accepted at Crowd Content. They get great reviews, but I can’t find any jobs there. I think that one requires a little more work to figure out.

I mentioned other things I looked into – secret shopping, taskrabbiting, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. As an MTurk worker, I’ve earned $22.31 performing 79 separate tasks. That’s $0.28 a task, and that’s why I’ll stop doing them. You know how many lunches I’ve wasted at my desk doing surveys and entering data?

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