The Family Vacation

by Ron O. on July 24, 2015

I think I'll get this tattooed somewhere - family vacation

I think I’ll get this tattooed somewhere

Nothing gets me excited like a family vacation week at the Jersey Shore!  And yes, I mean THAT Jersey Shore.  My parents bought a house in Lavallette, New Jersey about 25 years ago – about 3 miles north or Seaside Heights – and they’ve been kind enough to grant me and my family a week there every summer.

But this summer is extra special.  It’s the first time we’ve gotten to use the house since Hurricane Sandy hit.  The old house is gone, and a new one, one that sits on stilts 8 feet off the ground, has been built in it’s place.

Side note – if you’re interested in knowing which contractor you shouldn’t hire in the area, drop me a line.  The one my parents hired was not great.

Anyway, I need a break, and I intend to take it.  No silly local politics.  No margin analysis.  No lawn-mowing.

Just a beach.  A boardwalk or two.  Maybe a movie if it rains.  My wife, and my daughters.

Family Vacation Bliss.

An easy walk from our house - family vacation

An easy walk from our house

And since I (wrongly) equate happiness with eating, here’s my vacation to-do list:

  • Dairy Queen Blizzard
  • Pizza from the Jenkinson Beach Boardwalk
  • Cheesesteak from the Seaside Heights Boardwalk
  • Jelly Donut from Donuts Plus
  • Coffee Cake from Donuts Plus
  • Ice cream from some dude selling it on the beach
    • It’s funny, they don’t allow you to bring food on the beach, but they do allow this guy to sell it, and for you to eat it.  It’s the only caveat to the food rule.
  • Pancakes from the Sunny Hunny Pancake By The Sea (Why don’t these places have websites?)

Yes, I like to eat, but I intend to offset it all with lots of playing int he waves with the girls, and maybe even an actual run (or two?) on the Ortley Beach Boardwalk.  Maybe.

So, see you in August, I’m on vacation!

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