It’s Like Losing a Limb – Missing My Blog

by Ron O. on June 25, 2015

Not exactly like this...

Not exactly like this…

Maybe not a whole limb – I guess it’s more like missing a finger.  But hey, some fingers are more important than others.  You wouldn’t want to lose either of your thumbs.  Or ring finger with your wedding band.  Or, if you’re an angry person, the emotionally charged middle finger.

I recently stopped writing a blog I’d been writing for about 18 months.  I’d gotten about 240 posts into it, and hell broke loose.  Did I mention I wrote it anonymously?  Also, it was political and a bit too sarcastic-turned-nasty at times.  Some people didn’t like, and life got a bit uncomfortable, so I shut it down.  I’ve been writing a short history of the experience, but it’s not ready for print yet.  Yet…

But losing that blog has had a real affect on my state of mind and my usual chipper attitude.  I miss it.  I miss the feedback from readers and the sphincter-tightening feeling I sometime got when I wrote something provocative.  I miss looking at stats.  I still check the site’s stats, out of habit.  Also, I’m sure I don’t know any better, but I think I check them to see if anyone’s hacked it and put it back up.  But they haven’t.

I used to write fast, posting 3 or 4 times a week, waking up early to write before work, reading the newspaper to see what happened that needed my commentary.  And now I just wake up and don’t write, because it’s not there anymore.  Phantom limb?  Phantom blog.

I fill the time where I was writing with some reading, some TV, some extra snacks.  A lot has happened that I could have been writing about, and I wonder if my readers miss me as much as I miss them.  Some yes, some no, is my guess.  Kinda like the way I felt about them.  I miss most of my readers, and I’m glad not to hear from a few.

That was good.  Like scratching an itch.  I should do this more often.

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